Ultra-High Performance Composite Material

Ultra-High Performance Composite Material

ADF launches cooker hoods made of composite material

Thanks to the next- generation ultra-high performance composite material used in production of ADF cooker hoods, new designs which were once far beyond imagination are now possible.

Benefit of the material is not only limited to freedom of design; but there are many more that ease the use of cooker hoods dramatically

  • Anti-bacterial material, thanks to its completely nonporous and additive-free composition. 
  • Resistant to impact and scratches. The material stands up to heavy duty abuse far beyond daily use.
  • Renewable. Scratches can always be buffed or sanded out - no gel-coat or laminate surface to wear away.
  • Impervious To Chemicals & Easy to clean. It withstands prolonged exposure to common corrosive solvents like gasoline, acids etc. Any stain can easily be removed with common household cleaners.
  • 100% Ecological & 100% Recyclable. ADF’s composite material does not give off any substances that are harmful to the environment.
  • Resistant to fire and high temperatures. It is a practically fireproof material and does not allow fire to spread
  • UV Resistance. Its colours are mineral based and do not fade with UV rays exposition.

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