Uv Pco Filter

Uv Pco Filter

  • What is the main reason why we use  cooker hoods in our kitchens? Obviously it is because we want to  evacuate heat-polluted air and cooking odours. Now ADF presents revolutionary solution to serve this purpose. It is Photo-Catalytic Oxidation technology adapted to cooker hoods in the form of filter   PCO technology was originally developed by NASA as a solution to deal with excess ethylene gas, and to create optimal Indoor Air Quality, on board the International Space Station. 

UV PCO filter not only enables the cooker hood to deal with ALL cooking odours but also utilises the product to sterilise the kitchen. It has a very fast payback as it turns cooker hoods into recirculating hoods and saves on energy costs.

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How UV Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (UV PCO) Filter Works

Photo-Catalytic oxidation (PCO) is achieved when you combine UV light rays with a NANO Titanium Dioxide  (TiO2) coated filter. This process creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which aggressively combine with other elements in the air, such as microbes (bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi) and all other airborne harmful pollutants .Once bound together, the chemical reaction takes place between the super-charged ion and the pollutant, effectively "oxidizing" (or burning) the pollutant. This breaks the pollutant down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules, making the air radically more purified.

UV Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Filter is 300 times more efficient than the performance of activated carbon filter.

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