About Us

About Us

ADF Built-in Appliences Inc. was established in 2010 to manufacture built-in cooker hoods and hobs. In 2013, our company was restructured and focused on investing in additional building and machinery to increase its manufacturing capacity and diversity. Our company manufactures tailor-made premium products especially for well-known brands abroad. While initially our company was operating in 2000 m2 closed area, now has 8000 m2 closed area in its own facilities.


Our mission is manufacturing tailor-made, innovative, premium products with impressive designs, which are continually developed to meet customer satisfaction and expectations and are always on the path to perfection; at the same time paying attention to our products to create awareness and to have high quality which can be confidently delivered by our customers to the end users.


Our vision is to contribute to the global brands in the built-in appliances sector and hence to the people by means of energy-and-environment-friendly production and our innovative R&D approach to "smart-home" and "quiet-kitchen" concepts for the requirements of the era and people's expectations.

Quality Policy

As ADF, we aim manucfaturing premium products with productive processes by following cutting edge technology in an efficient quality management system, developing our products by considering the needs and preferences of the customers and always being open to positive change and innovation.

For this purpose we are committed to;

  • Pursuing our operations in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards and legal regulations and to ensure the continuous improvement of our ISO 9001:2015 QMS,

  • Conducting our activities in an ethical, transparent and accountable manner and recording them,

  • Improving the performance of our QMS by Setting goals for our processes and achieving the goals with continuous monitoring,

  • Predetermining the risks of our processes and taking nonconformity corrective measures against them,

  • Taking measures against environmental pollution,

  • Taking all possible measures and performing activities for the purpose of energy efficiency,

  • Providing social and physical opportunities to our employees in a way that strengthens their ties with our company,

  • Carrying out our activities without compromising the requirements of occupational health and safety, preventing occupational accidents and occupational diseases,

  • Supporting and guiding our suppliers on quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety which our company is sensitive to,

  • Contributing to the growth of our suppliers together with us in an efficient supply chain system,

  • Establishing the quality, cooperation and trust approach by featuring customer satisfaction at ordering, manufacturing, shipment and after sales steps,

  • Moving with an effective and proactive R&D approach which can adapt quickly to developing technology and changing needs,

  • Establishing an effective communication mechanism with our internal and external partners and performing our activities in this regard.